Student testimonials

Jenny Sutherland

Dear Jenny,

I would like to thank you SO much for the lovely drawing of our RUFUS, He is so lifelike that it is like having him back with us. The detail that you were able to capture in his face, with his whiskers on the side of his face and the lines on his forehead were absolutely amazing. His Eyes are so bright and lifelike. He is always looking at us with a cheeky look. You are simply amazing with the time and patience you put into our little man. I have recommended you to a few people. I will also give your name to the Stafford world in Queensland, Australia as I am sure there are a lot of people who have lost or still have their dogs and would love a portrait done of them.

I was unable to get a photo for you at this time, as it hasn’t come out as clear as I would like, with our camera in the glassed frame, but will send one to you.

Thank you again for your time and patience in getting this Perfect drawing.

Kind Regards,
Wendy Lelliott
Brisbane, Australia.

I attended Jenny’s class for two terms and enjoyed the challenges. It definitely set out what it proved to be and I benefited from it.
Heather Halliday

I found Jenny as a tutor very generous with her vast knowledge.
Her encouragement enabled me to approach my artwork with more confidence while teaching me the skills I needed to progress. Classes are fun and rewarding and I will be returning to learn more advanced techniques with her in the future.
Lesley Rawlings

Drawing classes with Jenny have been a way to enhance and extend my art practice. I enjoyed that she offered the exploration of drawing in many different ways using a good range of artist models.
Jenny’s drawing classes were a way to develop drawing skills but also to explore ideas with a range of media and techniques.
I enjoyed using some of the drawings and extended them into printmaking.
Liz Hawker

Jenny is an inspiring tutor who taught us a variety of drawing skills and styles which we explored and used in our artworks. In a comfortable environment, Jenny motivated us to apply our skills and ‘think outside the box’ as we moved on to more complex compositions.
Carol Saxby

“Jenny is a passionate, thorough and inspiring art teacher, plus warm and good fun- our homeschool group is lucky she’s moved to the area,” says I.
Pip Harker