What they say about Jenny

Jenny Sutherland

I’ve learned loads from Jenny’s classes. She’s always friendly and nice too.
Minnie age 12

Thank you Jenny for making the drawing classes such fun to attend, and with an end result to be proud of. Looking Forward to more lessons.
Brenda Clarke

Jenny taught us so many types of art, I did not realise there were so many. Jenny was very prepared and got me to think how I could improve my drawings and artwork.
Isabella Age 11

I liked the way Jenny thought of everyone in the class and how she had the little kids doing what the big kids did but at an easier level. She is a kind teacher.
Samuel Age 9

Jenny got me to work hard and encouraged me to learn new things and pushed me as an artist to believe in my skills.
Anna Age 8

I liked making the badges. Jenny taught us lots of fun things!
Luke Age 5

I liked all the pencils and stickers. Jenny is a nice girl!
Georgia Age 3

Jenny is an exceptional teacher, who is able to work with a large age and skill range of students. She is adaptable, encouraging and has taught my kids that they can do art. Jenny was always positive, helpful and patient with my children. Her vast knowledge and material use very impressive. Each lesson was exciting, interesting and we all looked forward to it.
Angie (mother of 5)